June Update

Follow up on last movie “The Angel’s Share”

Again good attendance with more then 20 Members and Guests even though it was a cold night and it would have been tempting to stay at home in front the fire.
The film was a success and really enjoyed by all the members I had a chance to talk to.
The only criticism was that the Scottish dialect was hard to understand and subtitles would have been very helpful which I wholeheartedly agree with. Particularly at the beginning I found it quite difficult to follow the dialogue.

Our next film on the 3rd of July is the 2011 buddy cop comedy film from Ireland
“The Guard” written and directed by John Michael McDonagh.

Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) is a small-town cop with a foul mouth, a subversive sense of humour, a dying mother, a fondness for prostitutes, and no interest whatever in the international cocaine-smuggling drop that has brought FBI agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) to his small Irish seaside town.
His new young partner Aidan (Rory McBride) disappears, his favourite hooker attempts to blackmail him into turning a blind eye, and finally the drug-traffickers try to buy him off as they have every other member of the local police force.
He realises that he needs to take matters into his own hands, and the only person he can trust is Everett.

Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday the 3rd of July.


May Update

Follow up on last movie “How Far is Heaven! ”

Again good attendance for this month, also our AGM was held prior to the film and all committee members from the previous year have renominated except for a new Vice President, welcome Gail.

This film was well received and most members enjoyed the movie even if it was a bit slow going. It was quite an insight in the life of a small Maori community filmed over a 12 month period. Also the scenery was absolutely beautiful, what an idyllic little village (could happily move there).

As one of our members put it:
The movie was delightful, Tony.
Beautiful scenery, and gentle character portraits. The Maori kids comfortable in their own environment and culture, and the dear Sisters carrying on their religious vocation while educating and living alongside the indigenous. Those feisty kids had their own proud brand of spirituality (e.g. the being ‘under the bridge’, and their Christmas song and dance). Makes you wonder what mark the church will leave, when it comes to an end.
Thanks for the choice.

Our next film on the 5th of June is the 2012 Comedy/Drama from Scotland
“The Angel’s Share” directed by Ken Loach

This British film tells the story of Robbie, a young Glaswegian father who narrowly avoids a prison sentence. He is determined to turn over a new leaf and when he and his friends, Rhino, Albert and Mo, from the same community payback group, visit a whisky distillery, a route to a new life becomes apparent. The title is from ‘the angel’s share’, a term for the 2% portion (share) of a whisky’s volume that is lost to evaporation during ageing in oak barrels. Filmed in Glasgow and Edinburgh, it has the marks of a Loach film, looking at the tough lives of the working class with poetry and humour. Ken Loach also directed the film Kes.

Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday the 5th of June.

April Update

Follow up on last movie “Goodbye, Lenin ”

Good attendance again this month with 17 members 3 guests and we also signed up one new member, welcome!!!

This film was another success and most members I talked to enjoyed the movie, only one member mentioned not liking it at all.
I had seen the film before and again enjoyed it, particularly having been to Berlin and also some of my good friends escaped East Berlin during the communist rule.
I thought it has real historical value as to what life was really like in the East before the fall of the wall.

Our next film on the1st of may is the 2012 Documentary from New Zealand
“How Far is Heaven!” directed by M.Smith and C.Pryor

The Sisters of Compassion have lived in the remote village of Jerusalem/Hiruharama on the Whanganui River in New Zealand for 120 years. Today, only 3 nuns remain – their legacy on the river is coming to an end. This is a complex world of Maori and Christian spirituality, parties and prayers, pig hunting and perfume appreciation.
The film follows the newest sister over the course of a year. Through an intimate, observational approach, the film is a captivating portrait of the personalities of the local kids. Throughout all seasons, the Sisters’ daily practice of compassion engages with the traditions of local Maori. Together they learn to navigate life’s heartbreak and joy.

Filmmakers Miriam Smith and Christopher Pryor lived and filmed in Jerusalem for a year, gaining privileged insight into this special world.

Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday the 1st of May, it is also our AGM so hopefully you can all make it.