September Update

Follow up on last movie “School Life”

Very good attendance with 21 Members and 3 Guests on the night.
The teachers were very perceptive in this film and all the school teachers present really enjoyed the example of life at a boarding school in Ireland.
While a few members found it a bit slow going most still really enjoyed this very recent documentary.
The children appeared to really benefit from the outdoors,  musical experiences and teaching style. I  thought it was quite revealing how some of the children grew and opened up over time at the school

Our next film on the 2nd of October is the 2016 Australian Drama
“Broke” directed by Heath Davis

There’s no game plan for life. For Australians though, to see their heroes of the field fall from grace is a bleak affair. Some fans are forgiving, blind to the disappointing reality, others are all too ready to sink the boots in. This forms the subject of Broke.
Ben Kelly, or BK, is the fallen hero, a former rugby star, now a degenerate gambler and drunk. Beautifully filmed with an impressive score, we are guided through the nuances of the story.
There is a lot to feel watching the film and the score keeps the film at just the right emotional level. Stars Steve Le Marquand as BK (Janet King, Blue Murder, Underbelly).

Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday the 2nd of October.


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