March Update

Follow up on last movie Rams

Good attendance again this month with over 20 members some guests and we also signed up some new members, welcome!!!

This film was another success and every member I talked to did have something positive to say about it. One member in particular said he was mesmerised right through the movie.
So was I and I could almost feel the cold during the storm at the end, the ending was a bit sad but then this is what made the film though .
The cinematographer really captured those imposingly chilly vistas..

Our next film on the 3rd of April is the 2003 Comedy/Drama from Germany
“Goodbye, Lenin!” directed by W.Becker

In October 1989, right before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Alex Kerner (Daniel Bruhl), is living with his mother Christiane, and sister Ariane. But when the mother , a loyal Party member, sees Alex participating in an anti-communist rally, she falls into a coma and misses the revolution.
After she wakes, doctors say any jarring event could make her have a heart attack, meaning the family must go to great lengths to pretend that communism still reigns in Berlin.
A film that gives you history, humour and depth of human emotion, and makes you think.

Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday the 3rd of April


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