February Update

Follow up on last movie The First Grader

Very good attendance this months with over 20 members and quite a few guests .

This film was very well received by all members that I talked to with one in particular mentioning it was one of the best movie over the last few months.
I thought it was quite an amazing story and to a degree an eye opener about some of Kenya’s history.
Also the photography was just stunning.

Our next film on the 6th of March is the 2015 Drama from Iceland
Ramsdirected by G.Hakonarson     .

In a secluded Icelandic valley, estranged brothers Gummi and Kiddi are warring neighbours, competing with each other for the best ram prize that has become a symbol of their family feud. But when the spectre of the fatal scrapie disease threatens their remote farms, both brothers are faced with the prospect of a cull.
Can these long-term enemies find common purpose when their ancestral stock and way of life are threatened? A minimalist score lends a solemnity to the proceedings, accompanying the cinematographer’s imposingly chilly vistas.

Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday the 6th of March


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