October Update

Follow up on last movie “Girl Clock”

Good attendance with 18 members and 5 guests.

I was away and did not see the movie so can not comment personally.
The few people I talked to said the film was well received by most members but not all of them liked it as much though.

One comment I heard is that it was a bit silly; another member mentioned that it was a well made great and funny Aussie movie.


Our next film on the 7th of November is the  2014 French comedy-drama “La Famille Bélier” directed by Éric Lartigau.

This is a heart-felt comedy about a young girl whose close bond to her hearing-impaired family is challenged by the discovery of an extraordinary talent for music. In the Belier family, everyone is deaf, except dutiful 16 year old Paula. She acts as an indispensable interpreter for her parents and younger brother, especially in the running of the family dairy farm. Her father decides to run for mayor, but Paula’s attentions are with the handsome new boy at school. Paula is played by Louane Emera, discovered on the French edition of The Voice. The film was France’s most popular in 2015.

Hope to see all of you on Tuesday the 7th for this acclaimed beautiful  movie.


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