September Update

Movie postponed for a week as Youthoria forgot about us and the cinema is not available because of school holidays. 
Now screening on Tuesday the 10th of October


Follow up on last movie “The Last Train Home”

Good attendance with 18 members and 1 guest on the night.

The movie was well received by most of the members.
It was quite a spectacle to see how China’s cities are plunged into chaos, as all at once  a tidal wave of humanity attempts to return home by train for the Chinese New Year. The  way the movie was able to capture the wave made up of millions of migrant factory workers trying to catch a train was quite amazing.
The movie told us much about China, a country discarding traditional ways as it hurtles towards modernity and global economic dominance. We can identify with the Zhangs as they tried to navigate through the stark and difficult choices of a society caught between old ways and new realities.
It puts the life we lead here in Port Lincoln quite into perspective.

Our next film on the10th of October is the hilarious Australian comedy  “Girl Clock” directed by Jennifer Ussi

This heart-warming, zany coming of middle age comedy follows the journey of three normal women who would happily enjoy their forties, if only Mother Nature wasn’t so cruel. Up until this point Christine’s job has been the focus, but now her biological clock is ticking and her priorities have changed. She wants a child before it’s too late. She’s unmarried and without a boyfriend, so friends Margo and Mikki offer a variety of ‘solutions’ which provide plenty of laughs.
Made on a shoestring budget and shot in Brisbane.

Some of the reviews:

Des Partridge, Courier Mail
A successful romantic comedy – a first for Australian Cinema!

Damien Anthony Rossi, Sunday Mail
Go see it for BIG laughs

Marie-Christine Sourris, Sunday Mail
A charming romantic comedy with plenty of laughs and plenty of substance

Matthew Toomey, Breakfast, ABC Brisbane
A black comedy that’s not afraid to take a few chances

Editor, SE Advertiser/Wynnum Herald
An uproariously funny movie certain to tickle the funnybone of every girl over 30!

Pete the Truckie on a phone-in to radio
It’s the funniest Australian movie that’s been out for years!


Look forward to see you all on Tuesday the 10th of October.


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