August Update

Follow up on last movie “Frida”

Good attendance with 20 members and 5 guests on the night.

The movie was very much enjoyed by all of the members and their guests on the night. Particularly the fact that it was a true story was mentioned by some of the people I talked to. Maybe her disability and pain in real life did not quite come across as much as in reading her biography.
A lot of our members (myself included) found some of the dialogue a bit to quiet though and would have liked the sound turned up a bit more or subtitles.

Our next film on the 5th of September is the  emotionally engaging and visually beautiful debut film (Documentary – Humanities)  “The Last Train Home” by Chinese-Canadian director Lixin Fan

Never has change happened on a greater scale than in modern China. The different ways individuals deal with this is the subject of this documentary. Shot over 3 years, it deals with an amazing social fact, that every single Chinese New Year, 130 million Chinese workers leave the cities and return home to their rural villages. We see the human face of this migration through its effects on a single family, that of factory workers Suqin and Chunghua, who travel from the megacity of Guangzhou to their children in a village in Sichuan province. Emotionally engaging and visually beautiful, a rich human portrait.

Look forward to see you all on Tuesday the 5th of September.


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