June Update

Follow up on last movie “La Dolce Vita”

We had a reasonable attendance with 16 members and 3 guests on the night.

There were mixed reactions to the movie with some members not liking it at all and most thought (myself included) it was a bit too long. One member commented that if it was on TV he would have changed channel.
For it’s time the movie was way ahead of what was produced in the post war era and confronting for a lot of audiences but in today’s world we are much more desensitized.

It is still today though regarded as a very significant movie and from time to time we have to be artistically and mentally challenged with the films we are showing. So the committee is sort of looking after your mental heath 🙂

We have now picked the rest of the movies for this year (some great titles coming up) and the trailers are available to view on the program page.

Our next film on the 4th of July is “Little Voice” by Director  Mark Herman

Little Voice is unthinkable without the special singing and impressionist talents of its star, Jane Horrocks, from TV’s Absolutely Fabulous. Horrocks sang all her own songs in the movie. We need to know that, because her mimicry is so exact that we assume it must be lip-synching. Horrocks first appeared in this story on the stage, and now in the movie she repeats an astonishing performance. Written for her by Mark Herman (Brassed Off), this story follows characters in a northern England seaside town.
Horrocks plays a young woman named Laura, who mopes in her bedroom above the record store that her late, beloved dad used to run. She shares his taste for classic pop records, and plays them again and again, memorising the great performances. The rest of the house is ruled by her mother, a loud, blowzy tart who picks up lads at pubs and brings them home.
Her new squeeze is Ray Say (Michael Caine) who hears the singing and realises at once that he’s in the presence of an extraordinary talent. But Laura’s voice is not reflected in a big personality; she’s a shy recluse who speaks in such a small voice that it has supplied her nickname. The plot involves Ray’s struggle to lure Little Voice onto the stage There is also a struggle going on for Little Voice’s heart as telephone linesman (Ewan McGregor) is in love with her.
IMDb 7/10

Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday the 4th of July


One thought on “June Update

  1. Thanks for your informative Film Club website, Tony. After La Dolce Vita, feeling puzzled and a bit blank, after all that decadence, hedonism, emptiness etc, I came home and consulted Mr Google, and discovered through several erudite reviews why the film was such a groundbreaker for its time. The hidden metaphors, and insults to the Catholic church et al, were very illuminating ‘after the event’. Not sure if I would have enjoyed it more having read the reviews first, or in retrospect. Would like to borrow the DVD of Monsieur Mayonnaise which I missed, please?


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