April Update

Follow up on last movie “Sherpa”

We had a good attendance with 18 members and 7 guests on the night and the  documentary was well received by all.

None of our members or guests had seen it before and all  I talked to mentioned how much they enjoyed it and it was quite an eye opener about the climbing business of Everest.
The scenery was spectacular and it also was an inside view of the private life of a Sherpa and the work they do to make all those expeditions possible for a lot of climbers.

Most members and guests said that they were left with a lasting impression.

Our next film on the 2nd of May is  “Monsieur Mayonnaise”

It is about Philippe Mora in a true story of mayonnaise sandwiches, Nazis and a comic book.

The Moras are well known in Melbourne for their work in contemporary art and bohemian eateries. Less known however, is their story before moving to Australia in 1951…

As artist and filmmaker, Philippe Mora, works to produce a graphic novel about his late father, Georges Mora, an intriguing story unfolds. Georges was not in fact French, but rather had escaped to France in 1933 and worked with the French Resistance to save thousands of Jewish lives. Mayonnaise and baguettes are an important ingredient here.

The film follows Philippe as he traces his dad’s journey, painting the story as he uncovers it during visits and meals. Revelations are aided by those who knew Georges, from his childhood, to meeting his wife Mirka Mora, to the family’s dramatic survival during the Holocaust.

Hope to see all of you on Tuesday the 2nd of May as it it also our AGM.

Phillipe Mora (painting a story in Paris)


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