March Update

Follow up on last movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence”

A great Australian drama and no fire alarm going off just before the movie this time.

A few of our members had seen the movie before (myself included) but still enjoyed seeing it again. It was somehow a bit confronting and a revelation as to how aborigines where treated by our early settlers.

The acting and the scenery really made the movie particularly the three terrific performances from the girls. I thought the movie was interesting, well made, even the protector came across as a quite decent chap rather than a villain.
It was though a moving and fascinating look at a piece of recent history.


Our next film on the 4th of April is the Great Documentary Drama “Sherpa”  filmed in the Himalayas by Director Jennifer Peedom.

During the 2013 climbing season there was a revolt on Everest by the Sherpas demanding better conditions.
The following year the Australian filmmaker Jennifer Peedom went to Everest Base Camp to  explore what was going on .

She set out to make a film of the 2014 Everest climbing season, from the Sherpas’ point of view.  It became all the more dramatic when instead, they captured a tragedy.
At 6.45am on 18th April, 2014, a 14,000 ton block of ice crashed down onto the climbing route through the Khumbu Icefall, killing 16 Sherpas. It was the worst tragedy in the history of Everest.
The disaster provoked a drastic reappraisal about the role of the Sherpas in the Everest industry. Sherpa tells the story of how, in the face of fierce opposition, the Sherpas united in grief and anger to reclaim the mountain they call Chomolungma.
Rotten Tomatoes 97%

It is my pick so I really hope to see you all Tuesday the 4th of April. It turned out that I was up at Everest Base Camp only 12 days later on the first of May.

1st of May 2014


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